Resco Explorer 2009

Resco Explorer 2009 5.03.3

The file explorer and manager for your Palm


  • Intuitive file manager
  • Backup capabilities
  • Image viewer
  • Drag-and-drop support


  • A little overwhelming for newbies

Very good

I've always found viewing, managing and sorting files on a Palm something of a tedious and cumbersome process. We've all grown accustomed to using Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder to browse files, and small screen operating systems rarely make it as easy.

Resco Explorer changes all that though, providing an altogether more powerful and effective solution to the default Palm file browser. For starters, it provides a more intuitive way of viewing your files, with a file manager that displays your data and applications in a two-paned tree structure view. You can dig down or shift up through directories using the clear, accessible arrow icons.

One of the crucial features of Resco Explorer is the fact that it lets you launch applications with a single tap, something not usually seen on a Palm file manager. It also makes it easier to edit and customise applications associated with certain file extensions.

Another boon of the software is the way it handles compressed files for you. Thanks to an icon at the bottom of the screen, you can view the contents of zipped files just as you would if they were in an ordinary folder, along with the ability to uncompress them.

With a dazzling array of other features including an an image viewer, drag-and-drop file movement and secure storage, Resco File Explorer really is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to managing files on your handheld. If anything, the sheer range of features, toolbar items and settings may put off new owners of a Palm device.

But for those who have grown tired of the simplistic file navigation on the Palm, Resco Explorer is a gift from on high.

Launcher: Corrected icons for SIM* applications


  • Launcher: Corrected icons for SIM* applications

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Resco Explorer 2009


Resco Explorer 2009 5.03.3

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  • by Tom Clarke

    Top notch utility.
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